Our mission is simple - to make your Fantasy League more Awesome. We are a tight knit group of friends and die hard fantasy sports enthusiasts who intend on helping your league step up their game.

It is our goal to bring a new level of innovation, professionalism and unprecedented customer service to the Fantasy Sports community. Most of all – we’ve grown tired of answering to “the Man” and want to work on something we are passionate about for a change.

Dustin (Founder)

The idea for FantasyJocks was born to Dustin over a fish taco & a few cold Modelos. A true entrepreneur in spirit and tech geek at heart, he religiously watches Shark Tank and hopes to one day close a lucrative deal with Mr. Wonderful. Dustin currently holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and is considered by some to be the best Fantasy Football Manager to have never won a Championship. On the rare occasions you catch him out of the office, you will most likely find him chasing little green fish around local SD lakes & reservoirs.

Jeff (Operations Manager)

The newest free agent to the team, Jeff recently signed a lucrative deal allowing him to return home to San Diego after a 15-year stint in the LBC (think LeBron returning to Cleveland). Known for his man crush on Vince Carter (same birthday) and poor work ethic due to his obsessive DFS habits, he was a perfect match to be penciled into the FantasyJocks lineup. After attending The University of California, Irvine where he was the Anteater mascot, Jeff went on to win numerous fantasy and rec league titles. He may quite possibly be the best athlete in the building, which isn't saying much.

Alec (Shipping & Receiving)

One of the most decorated & diverse fantasy sports champions in recorded human history, Alec now patrols the confines of the warehouse floors, prepping and packing anything in his path. When Alec isn't hunkered down in the FJ bunker processing your orders, you can most likely find him mixed up in a high stakes game of Texas hold'em, raiding with fellow Guardians in a late night game of Destiny or dominating a midweek 10 AM mock draft. His favorite food is Sour Patch Kids & his longest Streak for the Cash is 14


Nicknamed "The Beast", Bryan operates with a high level of intensity. He was scouted and eventually recruited to the FantasyJocks team to bat clean up for the 2014 season. A die hard New York sports fan, he is ultra-competitive when it comes to Fantasy Football. Trade negotiations are his specialty. Don't think you need a backup Kicker? He might convince you otherwise. Bryan holds his Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Fairfield University.


Current Fantasy Baseball Champion and an impressive 4 time "RAH" Fantasy Football League Horse’s Ass recipient. David exhibits a tireless work ethic and oddly prefers to set his burritos down after each bite. David holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from San Diego State University, is a Aztec basketball season ticket holder and still struggles with his voice cracking at the most awkward times.